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About Us

I am Dr. Lina Majdalany. It has always been my passion to help families get access to the best ABA services. My goal is to disseminate the science of behavior analysis and its application to socially significant behavior in order to help individuals reach their greatest potential and develop skills beyond their current level. I want to help individuals live a life that gives them access to positively reinforcing environments and keep them free of behaviors that might cause pain or limit access to positive reinforcement. 


Based on my motivation and passion to properly help children with autism and other developmental disabilities, I set forth to offer ABA services for families looking for quality care. Hence, the birth of Dr. ABA Early Intervention Consulting services. I am so happy to be able to work with families closely and get their learner off on the right foot for the best possible learner outcomes.  


We here at Dr. ABA believe that every child has the right to an effective education and treatment. Every child should have the opportunity to be included in academic and social events. Our focus is on giving families who have a child or children with a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorders and other developmental disabilities access to evidence-based treatment at an early age. This also includes teaching parents and caregivers to implement the strategies at home, which gives the learner more opportunities to learn and practice daily. 


Early intervention is critical to a child’s development because a child’s brain is still developing in those early years of life. Over 30 years of research demonstrates that it is best to deliver comprehensive ABA to children beginning at 2 to 3 years of age for at least 1 year. Children with autism who start an ABA intensive program early on have a greater chance of building skills and catching up to same age peers. Investing in early intervention can have a significant impact on the individuals’ functioning over their lifespan and change the course of a child’s life. Many studies have now shown that early, intensive instruction using methods of Applied Behavior Analysis – can result in dramatic improvements for children with autism. No other treatment for autism offers comparable evidence of effectiveness.

Thus, starting ABA intervention early gives a child the best chance to reach their full potential. Additionally, parent/caregiver involvement and education is imperative because it increases the likelihood of positive outcomes for the child. 


Simply put, we use ABA to change people’s lives by teaching them skills that help them achieve individualized goals that are meaningful to them and those close to them. 

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